The Brand Story

jaipur logo.png

An illustrated form of an elephant and its Mahout was chosen by Jaipur Asset Management to represent the firm as together they are synonymous with India and a symbol of India that is recognised worldwide. For both the co-founders, Jaipur has family significance.

Elephants are respected widely for their unique characteristics. Known to be highly intelligent, self-aware and patient, elephants can move rapidly and once on the move are near impossible to stop. According to Indian mythology, Ganesh the elephant-headed god is the remover of obstacles, made easy, if needed, by an elephant’s sheer size and strength.

The Mahouts are the elephants’ caretakers, who train and guide them. A Mahout will look after their elephant for its lifetime. Together, they are a great partnership. 

It is this true partnership of the elephants and the Mahouts that Jaipur Asset Management reflected on when selecting the logo. 

As Investment Manager, our role is to facilitate investments in India, to remove the complex and often immense obstacles that exist to ensure the path is clear to the opportunity that is India. And, in guiding this opportunity, our responsibility is to select the right underlying asset managers, closely monitor their performance and make changes as necessary.