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Jaipur Asset Management Pty Ltd ABN 609 415 975, a corporate authorised representative (No. 1239940) of D H Flinders Pty Ltd ABN 16 141 601 596 AFSL 477782, is investment manager of both the Jaipur AM Master Fund (Fund) and Jaipur India Growth Fund (Sub-Fund). Vasco Funds Management Pty Ltd is trustee of the Sub-Fund and Vasco Investment Managers Limited is trustee of the Fund. Investors gain exposure to the Sub-Fund through an investment in the Jaipur India Growth Fund Unit Class of the Fund. The Sub-Fund invests in funds that predominantly invest in Indian based securities. 

To invest in the Fund, you need to be a “wholesale client” as defined in s761G of the Corporations Act. The information provided in this website is not financial product advice and has been prepared without taking into account your investment objectives, financial circumstances or particular needs. You should read the Information Memorandum for the Fund in full to consider whether an investment is appropriate for you. We strongly recommend that you seek your own professional financial and legal advice prior to any investment decisions.



Commitment to Privacy

This Privacy Policy briefly explains how Jaipur Asset Management Pty Ltd ACN 609 415 974 (Jaipur AM) collects personal information and then maintains, uses and discloses that information. It also provides some detail about your rights.

Privacy Policy – Trustee of Jaipur AM Master Fund

Jaipur AM, as a corporate authorised representative (No. 1239940) of D H Flinders Pty Ltd ABN 16 141 601 596 AFSL 477782, is investment manager of the Jaipur AM Master Fund (Fund). As the trustee of the Fund, Vasco Investment Managers Limited (Vasco) collects your personal information for the purpose of providing its services, detailed in the Privacy section of the information memorandum for the Fund, including information provided to it by Jaipur AM in its capacity as investment manager of the Fund and through this website. Vasco may disclose your personal information, such as, your name and contact details, along with your account information, to its related bodies corporate, professional advisers, and/or as otherwise required. Your personal information will be used in accordance with Vasco’s Privacy Policy, which contains information about how you may access or correct your personal information held by Vasco and how you may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles. 

You may obtain a copy of Vasco’s Privacy Policy at www.vascofm.com.

Personal Information

When using this site and our services, you will be providing Jaipur AM with your personal information which may include your name, residential address, phone number, email address and age, as well as information regarding products and services you inquire about, or trade with, through us. Jaipur AM will also maintain records of all transactions and activities with you. During the course of your relationship with Jaipur AM, we will also gather information about products and services provided to you. Your personal information will be treated strictly in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles in the Australian Privacy Act.

At any time, upon request, you may gain access to the information Jaipur holds about you in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles as described below.

Use by Jaipur AM of the Information

That information, together with the information collected and maintained by Jaipur AM during the course of our relationship with you, is required to keep you updated whilst you are a client and possibly of other activities of Jaipur AM. Jaipur AM may also be required to provide your personal information to the Australian Securities & Investments Commission and other regulatory and government bodies from time to time in Australia. Jaipur AM may also disclose your personal information to:

  • its agents, employees and representatives;
  • financial institutions and other similar organisations in connection with its corporate activities or that are nominated by you;
  • external service providers and professional advisers that provide services to Jaipur; or
  • any organisation which you request Jaipur AM to, or any persons acting on your behalf, including your financial adviser, broker, solicitor or accountant.


Jaipur AM may use your personal information for:

  • marketing Jaipur AM products and services to you; or
  • developing an understanding of the products and services you may be interested in obtaining from Jaipur AM.

Jaipur AM takes all reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

Should you have any questions or complaints about your privacy, please contact us.  If a complaint is not resolved by Jaipur AM to your satisfaction, you may complain to the Privacy Commissioner.

Direct Marketing

Jaipur AM will not be using or disclosing your sensitive personal information, or other personal information provided by a third party, for direct marketing without your consent. This also applies to non-sensitive personal information provided by you, if you make such a request via email. If you believe that your information is being used for direct marketing without your consent, please inform us by emailing info@jaipurfunds.com.au.

Disclosure to Overseas Recipients

In order to provide you with our services, Jaipur AM may be required to provide your information to overseas recipients. Jaipur AM will expressly disclose any such occurrences to you.

Access to Information

You can gain access to any information Jaipur AM holds about you, or seek correction of such information, by calling +61 3 8336 7557 or emailing info@jaipurfunds.com.au. Jaipur AM will process your request usually within 14 days. If your request is complex, more time may be needed, in which case Jaipur AM will advise you of the extra time required.

Your Consent

By accessing this site, you consent to Jaipur AM collecting, maintaining, using and disclosing personal information, including sensitive information, as defined by the Australian Privacy Act, about you and provided by you or by another person as described above.