Our Commitment to Children's Education

Jaipur Asset Management is facilitating easy access for Australian investors to the investment opportunities in India through our inaugural fund, the Jaipur AM Master Fund.

Building assets under management and awareness of the Indian opportunity is just one part of the story. The Board and executive believe we can also influence ethically appropriate outcomes for the environment and community through investment selection and supporting certain charities.

In particular, we are keen to enhance outcomes for the development of the child, specifically education for underprivileged indigenous girls in the countries we operate in, i.e. India and Australia, and to create opportunities for their employment, livelihood, safety and ability to break out of the poverty cycle. It is often said, “if you educate a male, you improve the possibilities for one person, whereas if you educate a woman, you improve the possibilities for a family.”

To facilitate this, Jaipur Asset Management’s Board has resolved to commit 5% of the company’s profits on an ongoing basis to such causes. Additionally, our current stakeholders have confirmed they will make matching dollar contributions in their own capacity.

The promoters currently support: Yatra Foundation and bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company


We expect to add other charitable organisations as we progress.

pictured above: children at schools supported by the Yatra Foundation