The Offer - Jaipur India Growth Fund Unit Class

The Jaipur India Growth Fund Unit Class is a compelling opportunity for Institutional, Professional or Wholesale investors who are domiciled in Australia for tax purposes, to invest in India. 

Through a master fund structure, the Jaipur India Growth Fund Unit Class invests, via the Jaipur India Growth Fund, in up to five select funds managed by specialist Indian Asset Managers. These funds only invest in companies listed on the Indian Stock Exchanges. 

Currently, the Jaipur India Growth Fund invests in the following underlying funds:

  • India Premium Fund

  • SBI Resurgent India Opportunities Fund

  • UTI India Dynamic Equity Fund

The Jaipur India Growth Fund is expecting to maintain an allocation to each manager in a fixed band between 5% and 40%, rebalanced quarterly, plus a cash holding of up to 10% of assets. 

Investment style

All of the underlying Asset Managers pursue the investment style and philosophy of Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP), however, each has a specific approach to it. 

Aditya Birla Sun Life AM Company Pte. Ltd. adopts a bottom-up investment approach, seeking to identify companies that could exhibit above average earnings growth on a consistent basis; have a robust business model; a strong competitive advantage; and good management while trading at reasonable valuations. This is supplemented by a top-down approach to further identify sectors most likely to benefit in the current environment.

SBI Funds Management (International) Private Limited, the asset manager of SBI Resurgent India Opportunities Fund, invests in a dedicated scheme launched and managed in India, which uses the following market strategies. The exposure in large cap companies focuses on positive incremental change on fundamental variables that drive performance versus market expectations. For the mid and small company exposures, they seek the 'potential right to win' in each investment. This includes factors such as potential market share; a superior business model; a technological edge; and/or some core competency. Overall, they seek companies with an ability to generate stable and accelerating profitability characteristics that are likely to result in a reasonably high return of capital.

UTI International (Singapore) Private Limited is driven by the three tenets of Quality, Growth and Valuation. Quality is defined as the ability to generate high returns on equity (RoE) through the business cycle. The portfolio is constructed with a very long-term orientation, keeping stock turnover to a minimum. Preference is given to industries with stable and secular growth prospects and industries with low predictability are avoided. The focus is on the underlying business; management quality; corporate governance and capital efficiency.

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